Radio GooGoo

I am now a Little Monster… (show me your teeth!)
The power of 5 million LEDs, stage presence and fierce creativity warmed up The Joe and melted the ice for 120 fleeting minutes.




I ate Tony Bennet’s heart. In San Fran.

Saturnalia Pledge

I will drink in all the knowledge of the world and not reject it
I will eat of the adventures contained within the world and all it’s inhabitants and not reject them.
I will eat and drink all that is set before me and not reject it, but take of it and make it a part of me.

Christ’s Mass Dinner

New Zealand lamb chops (from the markets of Meijer)
Dusted with cumin and Sri Lankan curry; braised on a lovely seasoned cast iron pan, then roasted with a bit of water, balsamic vinegar and wine and whole pepper corns.
Swiss chard
Quickly cooked on high heat in the same pan and juices as the lamb chops
After the high heat has made the leavings into a lovely thick sauce, pour over the resting chops.
Unstructured lasagna (aka white trash lasagna)
Any old pasta leftover + broken up cooked lasagna noodles + eggplant and your favorite pasta sauce
Chateau Neuf du Pape Fiole du Pape (Pere Anselme)
I think the vintage was 2001; Good crystal decanter + time to breathe = devine degustation
Oh yeah, and if a miffed Dachshund should happen to take a poop under the dining room table, just pass it off as part of the evening’s entertainment.

Merry Saturnalia to You!

Merry Saturnalia to all and a Joyous New Year!

But I was baptized. I’m a Catholic! You can’t have me!

Believe what you wish. But beliefs are dangerous in the hands of the weak minded. If you do not know the true history and consequences of your beliefs, then you do not believe, you just follow blindly.
Basically all of your religions are valid (in their own culturally unique way) expressions of humanity in relation to the devine. If you are wise you will see beyond their cultural and historical significances and see that spark of the devine is in you and always has been. The only thing that’s necessary to bring it to a full fire is the realization of your Self.

Crust of Bread and Such

Crust (W. Bloomfield, MI) rocks. Fantastic crispiness (definitely not inordinately fluffy), tasty ingredients that melt into a delightful symphonic blend of flavors. Good wine and spirits too. Oh yeah, Spedini!!!

Order up a Tall Tale at the Pub

 Here it is y’all:

Alcamystrie Version 3.0

All new! Better! More! Fabulous! Mostly understandable!

Below is the link to the PDF of the Libretto (book):


Below are the links to the sections of the CD, as separated by the Abstract:

00. Overture-Prelude

0. Oblivion

10. The Kingdom

09. The Foundation

08. Splendour

07. Victory

000. Intermission

06. Beauty

05. Strength

04. Mercy

03. Understanding 

02. Wisdom 

 01. The Crown

Digital publishing rocks and is a great way to get this out there to those that have interest. However, Version 03 marks the creation of a newly published real book. It is literally an illuminated manuscript. The cover is hand etched plexiglas embedded with various colors of LEDs, circuitry and a battery, with aluminum and copper tape accents. The custom binding makes it truly unique.

Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it (the musical components it was culled from were exquisitely crafted as well). Now if I could only find a director or a production designer…

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